Dementia caregiving exercise

At times, it can be quite difficult to empathize with a patient with Dementia. Let’s take some time to complete this exercise that could help you see Dementia from a different perspective.

Caregiving Exercise. Alzheimer Caregiver Exercise.

Imagine a future in which you are in your seventies or eighties and suffering from Dementia.  In the present, you know yourself and your personal history very well. Use your knowledge about yourself as you are now to pick out the information which would help the people who care for you in this imaginary future to maintain your well-being as far as possible. 

What would you need to sustain your well-being?


  • Everyday tastes and habits: How could it help you feel more settled if your caregivers knew about them?
  • Your body and your health: What should they know?
  • Fears and past events - If they understood these, could they respond more sympathetically?
  • Interests and activities - How can they help you sustain your sense of independence?
  • Still thinking of you as an older person with dementia: What do you most dread? What is your greatest hope?

Dementia and Alzheimer Care givers

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